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Temporal Treasures blog logo
My Temporal Treasures blog, launched in July 2020, unites my passions for writing, graphic design, spreading kindness, and notecrafting supplies (stationery, greeting cards, pens, etc.). Temporal Treasuers unlocks artful correspondence by celebrating and promoting efforts and materials to write and send messages, aiming to build interpersonal connections, emotional well-being, creative expression, and communication skills. Temporal Treasures is also on Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

The Lion's Share blog
My lifelong love of animals and my work experience in the fundraising field led me to create The Lion's Share blog in December 2010. The Lion's Share provides information to help organizations whose work improves the lives of animals to secure and leverage philanthropic support—particularly foundation grants—as effectively as possible. The Lion's Share is also on Twitter.

National Organization for Albinism and Hypopigmentation
National Organization for Albinism & Hypopigmentation (NOAH) is a nonprofit organization that offers information and support to people with albinism, their families, and the professionals who work with them. I served as NOAH's Newsletter Editor from 1997-2000. I also created an Albinism in Popular Culture web site to explore the mythology associated with this largely misunderstood genetic condition. At one point, the site—which has been transferred to NOAH—appeared among the top 5 Google search results for "albinism," and was cited in news stories that ran in The Philadelphia Inquirer and USA Today.

W.W. Norton and Company
As an editorial assistant at W. W. Norton & Company publishers from 1994-1998, I provided editorial, project management, and production support—including copyediting and proofreading, photo research, and art and permissions acquisition—for several textbooks, as well as formatting text and graphics for their accompanying web-based learning tools.